About Us

Anxiety is a problem which has plagued mankind for too long. Although there are many ways to fight or cure it, ranging from introspection to therapy to antidepressants, too many people who suffer from one of the myriad of anxiety disorders simply do not know what to do or where to turn when dealing with their problem. They are left alone, confused and with a considerable amount of psychological pain and pressure. This cannot go on any longer.

Founded in 2008, Team Anxieti.com has worked tirelessly to help people struggling with an anxiety disorder. Recently, we moved here, to our new website. Considerable effort and resources have gone into ensuring that our website remains easy to access and use, and that the quality of our work remains high as ever. We continually update the website to ensure that you, and all those who suffer from anxiety, can obtain the latest information regarding anxiety and the ways to beat it.

We at Team Anxieti .com hope that your visit here is a fruitful and enjoyable one, and wish you luck in your struggle.


Team Anxieti.com