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Overall Rating: 75.6% (ingredient research)

Product Claims:  

Exulin is ranked at our #3 position. It is an all natural supplement that is effective in relieving depression, although it takes about 4 weeks to show results. Its most active ingredient, L-Phenylalanine, is an amino acid the body needs to produce neurotransmitters. Unlike the number one product, it does not have a dual formulation that works throughout the day and night. Exulin promotes emotional well being by helping to produce targeted neurotransmitters enabling you to keep a productive way of life.

Exulin contains a few other natural antidepressant ingredients that can improve your state of mind. It is a good product for occasional depression.  Because this product is not as fast acting as our top product, it can take four weeks before seeing any results.  Exulin does have a good reorder rate but lacks the excellence in customer service and effectiveness as our #1 rated product.


Exulin offers a 33.34% savings with their Buy 4 Get 2 free offer.  Exulin cost a bit more than our top rated product for a slower result and a lot less ingredients.  You can have Exulin delivered to you as soon as tomorrow with their fast shipping offers.    

Our Conclusion:

Based on its performance, natural ingredients, and its 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating, this product ranks #3.  Our editors feel that if they can improve their ingredients to provide faster results, and improve their customer service it may improve their rating.

Ingredients & Cost Comparison

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Valeriana Officinalis check-mark check-mark
5-HTP check-mark check-mark
L-Theanine check-mark check-mark
Passiflora Incarnata check-mark check-mark check-mark
Chamomile Flower check-mark check-mark
Bacopa Monniera check-mark check-mark
Magnolia Bark check-mark check-mark
Eleuthero Root mark
Avina Sativa check-mark
Magnesium check-mark check-mark
Niacinamide check-mark
Lemon Balm check-mark
Melatonin check-mark
Hops mark
Taurine check-mark
Jujube check-mark
Rose Geranium check-mark
Reishi Mushroom check-mark
Phellodendron check-mark
Hypericum Perforatum check-mark check-mark
L-Phenylalanine check-mark
Gingko Biloba check-mark
Rhodiola Rosea check-mark