#2 ReloraMax

ReloraMax Stress and Anxiety Treatment Review

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Overall Rating: 79.7% (ingredient research)

Product Claims:  

ReloraMax is an all natural product that is good for relieving stress, anxiety, and the weight gain associated with them.  ReloraMax gets our #2 spot because of its limited ingredients that form a combined formula of extracts.  These extracts are from magnolia and phellodendron barks.  ReloraMax’s ingredients are good for helping you remain calm throughout the day but not at night like our top rated product.  Its ingredients are formulated to target the stress that causes weight gain.

ReloraMax helps keep the hormones in the body associated with stress related eating habits balanced. It comes in second on its reorder rate and second to our top product in its results. If you are looking to lose weight from stress then this may be the product for you. Because it works harder on stress that’s related to gaining weight it makes a good product for those symptoms which cause one to crave sweets and other foods when they are stressed.


ReloraMax offers a free 30 day trial package.  They have a slightly lower savings package of  than our all in one top rated product which incidentally still costs less.  You can also save with the buy 2 get 1 free package.

Our Conclusion:

ReloraMax works good for stress and anxiety related weight gain, but due to its limited ingredients for anxiety we couldn’t give it the top rating.  If you are concerned more about relieving weight gain due to stress and don’t need an all in one reliever such as our top product, this product may serve you well.  For a reduction in stress related snacking, this is a good product.

Ingredients & Cost Comparison

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(*best value)
Valeriana Officinalis check-mark check-mark
5-HTP check-mark check-mark
L-Theanine check-mark check-mark
Passiflora Incarnata check-mark check-mark check-mark
Chamomile Flower check-mark check-mark
Bacopa Monniera check-mark check-mark
Magnolia Bark check-mark check-mark
Eleuthero Root mark
Avina Sativa check-mark
Magnesium check-mark check-mark
Niacinamide check-mark
Lemon Balm check-mark
Melatonin check-mark
Hops mark
Taurine check-mark
Jujube check-mark
Rose Geranium check-mark
Reishi Mushroom check-mark
Phellodendron check-mark
Hypericum Perforatum check-mark check-mark
L-Phenylalanine check-mark
Gingko Biloba check-mark
Rhodiola Rosea check-mark